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    Videoclip: Nanda Akkerman - Twee Tickets (Live)

    Production: George Watz i.s.m Kelvin Tjon Sien Kie | Video: George Watz & Kelvin Tjon Sien Kie | Vocals: Nanda Akkerman |  2011 George Watz.


    Videoclip: RotterdamAirlines - Pilots (Jairzinho, Kevin, Opium Lotus & JasonFuturistic)

    Production: Rotterdam Airlines & George Watz | Video: George Watz | Vocals: Jairzinho, Kevin, Opium Lotus & JasonFuturistic |  2011 George Watz.


    Videoclip: Dwight Steven - Vlog Part. 1

    Production: George Watz | Video: George Watz | Vocals: Dwight Steven | www.dwightsteven.com | 2011 George Watz

  4.   Atz. | Atz. 2011

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    Atz. | Atz. 2011

  5.   Baris (3) | Atz. 2011

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    Baris (3) | Atz. 2011

  6.   Baris (2) | Atz. 2011

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    Baris (2) | Atz. 2011


    Atz. Film | Afternoon Game 

    Atz. Film | Video: Atilla Lorier | Music: Spectrasoul ft. dBridge - Glimpse | 2011 Atz.

  8.   Stoplicht | Atz. 2011

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    Stoplicht | Atz. 2011


    Videoclip: JairzinhO - Mami (Official)

    Production: Rotterdam Airlines & Atz. Film | Video: Atilla Lorier | Vocals: Jairzinho | Music Production: Smoke Izzi | 2011 Atz.


    *Newsflash February 2011


    This month has turned out to be one of my busiest months so far. With a lot of projects, my birthday and also some trips boredom is something unfamiliar in February.


    On the 14th we will have the new video of JairzinhO coming out, called Mami. After that, Opium Lotus will be next and also the promo for singer/songwriter Dwight Steven will come out. There will also be some work on the new item of Kelv TV. 


    You are of course always welcome to send in a request for a photodesign. At this moment it’s not possible for me to do photoshootings. Depending on what your needs are, we can always see what is possible. At this moment there are 2 shootings planned in February so for everyone with requests, February is full.


    If you have questions, requests or tips, please don’t be afraid to contact me by the information in the box on the right. You can always mail at atzproducties@gmail.com and I will always reply within 24 hours.